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Beyond the Lights (2014) 720p & 1080p Bluray Free Download

IMDb: 6.9/10


The pressures of fame have superstar singer Noni on the edge, until she meets Kaz, a young cop who works to help her find the courage to develop her own voice and break free to become the artist she was meant to be.

Stars: Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Nate Parker, Minnie Driver

Category: 2016, Drama, Movie, Music, Romance

Age of Ice (2014) 720p Bluray Free Download

IMDb: 1.7/10


When sudden and massive earthquakes open the Arabian tectonic plate, the result is unstable weather and freezing temperatures that will be unsurvivable by nightfall. Attempting to reach safety, a vacationing American family in Egypt, the Jones', must battle the rapidly cooling temperatures that usher in a new Ice Age, covering the Sphinx, Pyramids, and Sahara Desert with mountains of snow.

Stars: Barton Bund, Bailey Spry, Jules Hartley

Category: 2016, Action, Adventure, Movie, Sci-Fi

A Good Marriage (2014) 720p & 1080p Bluray Free Download

IMDb: 5.2/10


After 25 years of a good marriage, what will Darcy do once she discovers her husband's sinister secret?

Stars: Joan Allen, Anthony LaPaglia, Stephen Lang

Category: 2016, Drama, Movie, Thriller

Brotherhood (2016) 720p & 1080p Bluray Free Download

IMDb: 6.1/10


First, there was Kidulthood, then Adulthood, and now comes Noel Clarke's last instalment: Brotherhood. With Sam facing up to the new world, he realizes it also comes with new problems and new challenges that he must face that he knows, will require old friends to help him survive new dangers.

Stars: Lashana Lynch, Noel Clarke, Steven Cree

Category: 2016, Crime, Drama, Movie, Thriller

Inferno (2016) 720p & 1080p Bluray Free Download

IMDb: 6.2/10


Academy Award® winner Ron Howard returns to direct the latest bestseller in Dan Brown's (Da Vinci Code) billion-dollar Robert Langdon series, Inferno, which finds the famous symbologist (again played by Tom Hanks) on a trail of clues tied to the great Dante himself. When Langdon wakes up in an Italian hospital with amnesia, he teams up with Sienna Brooks (Felicity Jones), a doctor he hopes will h....

Stars: Tom Hanks, Felicity Jones, Irrfan Khan

Category: 2016, Action, Adventure, Crime, Movie

Keeping Up with the Joneses (2016) 720p & 1080p Bluray Free Download

IMDb: 5.8/10


A suburban couple becomes embroiled in an international espionage plot when they discover that their seemingly perfect new neighbors are government spies.

Stars: Zach Galifianakis, Isla Fisher, Jon Hamm

Category: 2016, Action, Comedy, Movie

Kevin Hart: What Now? (2016) 720p & 1080p Bluray Free Download

IMDb: 5.6/10


Comedian Kevin Hart performs in front of a crowd of 50,000 people at Philadelphia's outdoor venue, Lincoln Financial Field.

Stars: Kevin Hart, Don Cheadle, Halle Berry

Category: 2016, Comedy, Documentary, Movie

Miss Saigon: 25th Anniversary (2016) 720p & 1080p Bluray Free Download

IMDb: 8.4/10


A filmed production of the musical 'Miss Saigon' for its 25th anniversary, performed live at London's Prince Edward Theatre, in London's West End. Including the 2hr 20minute production and a bonus 35-minute "25th Anniversary Gala" which included stars of the original cast, Jonathan Pryce, Lea Salonga and Simon Bowman.

Stars: Jon Jon Briones, Eva Noblezada, Alistair Brammer

Category: 2016, Movie, Musical

Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016) 720p & 1080p Bluray Free Download

IMDb: 6.2/10


In 1967 Los Angeles, a widowed mother and her 2 daughters add a new stunt to bolster their seance scam business, inviting an evil presence into their home.

Stars: Elizabeth Reaser, Lulu Wilson, Annalise Basso

Category: 2016, Horror, Movie, Thriller

Phantasm: Ravager (2016) 720p & 1080p Bluray Free Download

IMDb: 5.3/10


Reggie is wandering through the desert seeking out his friend Mike and the evil The Tall Man. Along his journey, he is hunted down by the dangerous spheres and stumbles upon the gorgeous Dawn. Out of the blue, he finds himself in an institution with Mike explaining that he has dementia and then in another dimension. Where is Mike?

Stars: Reggie Bannister, A. Michael Baldwin, Dawn Cody

Category: 2016, Fantasy, Horror, Movie

USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage (2016) 720p & 1080p Bluray Free Download

IMDb: 5.1/10


The harrowing true story of the crew of the USS Indianapolis, who were stranded in the Philippine Sea for five days after delivering the atomic weapons that would eventually end WWII. As they awaited rescue, they endured extreme thirst, hunger, and relentless shark attacks.

Stars: Nicolas Cage, Tom Sizemore, Thomas Jane

Category: 2016, Action, Movie, War

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil (2016) 720p & 1080p Bluray Free Download

IMDb: 5.8/10


A story about unrequited love - the shapes it takes, the ways it changes us and the exhilarating and often heartbreaking ride it takes us on. It is the journey of three characters, Ayan, Alizeh and Saba, as their lives intertwine and they navigate life, love and heartbreak.

Stars: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Ranbir Kapoor, Anushka Sharma

Category: 2016, Drama, Movie, Musical, Romance

The Light Between Oceans (2016) 720p & 1080p Bluray Free Download

IMDb: 7.2/10


A war weary man takes a job as a lighthouse keeper on an island for the solitude. He meets a beautiful young woman and they eventually marry. One day they see a small dingy with an infant and man inside floating in the ocean. They rush to rescue them only to find the man is dead. They struggle over the decision to report it and whether to keep the baby. It's only years later that they discover tha....

Stars: Michael Fassbender, Alicia Vikander, Rachel Weisz

Category: 2016, Drama, Movie, Romance

Maigret’s Dead Man (2016) 720p & 1080p Bluray Free Download

IMDb: 7.2/10


A series of vicious, murderous attacks on three wealthy farms in Picardy hit the national headlines and the elite Brigade Criminelle at the Quay Des Orfevres is called upon to lend its expertise in tracking down the brutal gang responsible for the slaughter. However, Inspector Maigret is resolute in investigating the murder of an obscure anonymous Parisian, an investigation that ultimately solves ....

Stars: Rowan Atkinson, Ian Puleston-Davies, Dorottya Hais

Category: 2016, Crime, Drama, Movie, Mystery

Red Billabong (2016) 720p & 1080p Bluray Free Download

IMDb: 4.1/10


In the Australian Outback, two brothers discover old secrets and family lies. As their friends start to go missing they fear they are being stalked by someone or something from their worst nightmares - But is it just - A story? A legend? A hoax? Or is it real?

Stars: Dan Ewing, Tim Pocock, Jessica Green

Category: 2016, Action, Adventure, Movie, Thriller

Down Under (2016) 720p & 1080p Bluray Free Download

IMDb: 6.1/10


A black comedy set during the aftermath of the Cronulla riots, it is the story of two carloads of hotheads from both sides of the fight destined to collide.

Stars: Lincoln Younes, Rahel Romahn, Michael Denkha

Category: 2016, Comedy, Movie

Guernica (2016) 720p & 1080p Bluray Free Download

IMDb: 5.9/10


The fates of Henry - a cynical American correspondent who has lost his soul - and Teresa, one of the Republic's censors and in charge of overseeing the news that journalists can send abroad, cross in Gernika.

Stars: James D'Arcy, María Valverde, Jack Davenport

Category: 2016, Movie, Romance, War

Interrogation (2016) 720p & 1080p Bluray Free Download

IMDb: 4.9/10


After the FBI receives a threat that endangers the entire city, an interrogator (Copeland) and an I.T. specialist (Perry) are plunged into a series of mind games with a criminal mastermind, desperately racing against time to uncover the villain's true agenda as they fight to protect thousands of lives. Copeland and Perry deliver a knockout blow in this electrifying thriller that crackles with edge....

Stars: Julia Benson, Adam Copeland, C.J. Perry

Category: 2016, Action, Movie, Thriller

Kindergarten Cop 2 (2016) 720p & 1080p Bluray Free Download

IMDb: 4.4/10


Assigned to recover sensitive stolen data, a gruff FBI agent goes undercover as a kindergarten teacher, but the school's liberal, politically correct environment is more than he bargained for.

Stars: Dolph Lundgren, Darla Taylor, Bill Bellamy

Category: 2016, Comedy, Movie

Rupture (2016) 720p & 1080p Bluray Free Download

IMDb: 4.8/10


A single mom tries to break free from a mysterious organization that has abducted her.

Stars: Noomi Rapace, Michael Chiklis, Kerry Bishé

Category: 2016, Movie, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Good Kids (2016) 720p & 1080p Bluray Free Download

IMDb: 6.0/10


Four high school students look to redefine themselves after graduation.

Stars: Zoey Deutch, Nicholas Braun, Mateo Arias

Category: 2016, Comedy, Movie

Masterminds (2016) 720p & 1080p Bluray Free Download

IMDb: 5.8/10


David Ghantt discovers the true meaning of adventure far beyond his wildest dreams. He is an uncomplicated man stuck in a monotonous life. Day in and day out he drives an armored vehicle, transporting millions of other people's money with no escape in sight. The only glimmer of excitement is his flirtatious work crush Kelly Campbell who soon lures him into the scheme of a lifetime. Along with a gr....

Stars: Zach Galifianakis, Kristen Wiig, Owen Wilson

Category: 2016, Action, Comedy, Crime, Movie

Almost Christmas (2016) 720p & 1080p Bluray Free Download

IMDb: 6.0/10


A dysfunctional family gathers together for their first Christmas since their mom died.

Stars: Kimberly Elise, Omar Epps, Danny Glover

Category: 2016, Comedy, Drama, Movie

Contract to Kill (2016) 720p & 1080p Bluray Free Download

IMDb: 3.3/10


Harmon is a CIA/DEA enforcer investigating Arab terrorists captured in Mexico. With his team--seductive FBI agent Zara and spy-drone pilot Sharp--he flies to Istanbul and uncovers a brutal plot: Islamic extremists plan to use Sonora drug-smuggling routes to bring deadly weapons, and leaders, into the U.S. To prevent an attack on America, Harmon must turn these two savage forces against one another....

Stars: Steven Seagal, Russell Wong, Jemma Dallender

Category: 2016, Action, Movie